The G2 was the second generation of the Pearce guitar amp, and was available in pre-amp only form (G2x) or with integrated stereo power amp and digital effects (G2r).  2U rackmount and 1x12 combo configurations are offered.


Overall changes from the G1 include:

  1. Knobs are conical with white front

  2. Front-panel microswitches for input pad and channel boost replaced by white push-push buttons

  3. EQ now includes Presence control

  4. Mid-range EQ frequency range wider than G1, now from 200Hz to 6kHz (G1 is 100Hz to 3kHz (carry over from the G1 1.7 Mod)

  5. Four DIP-switches on front panel to determine various preamp gain/EQ options

  6. Limiter now assigned to Channel 2 only

  7. G2r includes Alesis digital reverb for Channel 1 and 2, completely independent

  8. Stereo output, 100W per side into 4 ohms, 200W bridged mono into 8 ohms

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